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                                                                                             The James Hudson Family Website

Here you can learn to speak basic Choctaw words and phrases by hearing them spoken by a Choctaw speaker. Just click on the wooden icon button to the left of the Choctaw word.

Halito - Hello.

Chim achukma? - Are you well?

A, chishnato - Yes, and you?

A, um achukmah akinlih - Yes, I am well too.

Achukma hoke - I am fine. (or) It is good.

Chi hohchifo nanta? - What is your name?

Sa hohchifo ut - My name is (your name).

Yakoke - Thank you.

Ant chukoa - Come in.

Minti - Come here.

Kucha - Go out.

Binili (or) Bininili - Sit down.

Hikia - Stand up.

Sa yoshoba - I am lost.

Ak Akostinincho - I do not understand.

Akostininchi li - I understand.

Salaha hosh anumpoli - Please speak slowly.

Miha moma - Please say again.

Chahta iskitini anumpuli li - I speak a little Choctaw.

Chahta imanumpa ish anumpola hinla ho? - Do you speak Choctaw?

For further study, please visit this link.